Hello Everyone!! The schedule is filling up a bit more each week but we are always on the lookout for great places to play so if you have any ideas, please let us know where you’d like to see us and we can reach out. We are booking a lot of private events and would love to come play for you so if you have a party going on, we can help you out!!

We’ve been writing new material and road testing some of the tunes so if you’ve seen us lately you might have gotten a taste of the new music. Our fearless front man is busy building a lovely studio up in the woods and when it’s done, we will definitely be making our album there. We will keep you posted so check back here often and we will see you in the crowd!!

Catch us on Facebook, Instagram, Itunes, and Spotify so check out where the shows are at and stream some Tractor tunes to brighten your day!! We will see you out in the crowd when the madness is over!